Super Web Share 2.3: Introducing Shortcodes support

Over the last couple of Super Web Share WordPress plugin releases, we were working on our sharing plugin to add more options to control the share button over the Inline and Floating buttons. From 2.3, we are introducing the most requested feature, Shortcodes!

What are shortcodes?

Shortcodes are square bracket strings ([ ]) that help to easily add an easy way to add dynamic content to the front-end of your WordPress posts, pages, and sidebars. Using shortcodes, you can output something fascinating on the front-end as per your ideas.

Super Web Share shortcodes help to add the inline and floating share buttons at the positions you prefer, and you can add a different icon, color, and style and can even control the fallback we provide. That means the full control over the position to decide the position and styles of the share button you need to output the native sharing is now in your hands, and the native sharing sheet (on Android) and share sheet on iOS will work with the button you place, and the title and page URL will be used by our plugin for the native sharing URL and also for the fallbacks.

The shortcode of our plugin is:


Have a look at our documentation on How to display inline, floating native share buttons with shortcode

Is anything more on the 2.3 version?

Yes, we are also introducing the Appearance tab within the settings to set the style of button you need to output, the Icon you want to show for inline and floating native share buttons, and can also set the size of the buttons. Moreover, we also add an option to enter the Twitter handle or Twitter username on the Fallback page. Using this option, the Twitter Username will be added to the share text as via when you click the Twitter on the Fallback.

Note: The Twitter via won’t work within the native sharing URLs, as there is no such option for the native sharing till this time.

Jose Varghese