Gutenberg block, more customizations, and features in Super Web Share 2.5

After a long time, we’re back with a release with more features, more customization, and more features. So, let’s start with the main feature – the Gutenberg block. It’s been on our features list to add Gutenberg block for a long time. Now, the right time has come! So we’re happy to introduce our small block to you.

The features do not end with a block in 2.5; let’s dive into them one by one:

1. Fallback network icon ordering and selection

Within this release, you can now select the fallback social media based on your interest. We have added Mastodon, Telegram, Pinterest, and Email. You can drag and drop the position of the social media, which shows on the fallback modal window. That means you have full control over which social media to show your users. Are you missing the social icon on the list, and do you want to have any other social media for your site? Don’t worry; just submit it as an Idea here. We prioritize the ideas that have more votes and implement them in the plugin. So what are you waiting for? Start submitting your ideas!!

2. Added Elementor widget for floating button

How can we avoid the Elementor users if we add a block for Gutenberg? So, introducing the Elementor widget to add the floating share button.

3. Now you can also add the title, description, and URL for the button to share using the shortcode

We expanded the shortcode functionality with the option to add custom titles, descriptions, and even URLs you prefer to share for your website. More details will be available here.

4. Enhancements

  • Now, the hyperlinks of the social icons will be opened as “noopener,” which makes the link safer and helps open the social page in a new tab so that social sharing won’t interfere with the original page you clicked from.
  • As Twitter changed its name to X some months before, we also updated the logo to the new one as people started identifying it with the new logo. However, we will miss the blue Twitter bird logo 🙁
  • The AMP settings did a small makeover, as most websites are not using AMP now (I think so); we are now only showing the respective settings if the AMP plugins we supported are detected on the website.
  • As we were not providing an option to change the string “Link copied!”, we added it to get translated using the translation plugin you are using.

5. Bugfix

Does a release without a bug fix seem like a Chicken Biryani (a mixed rice dish popular in South Asia) without a chicken piece on it? We cannot leave a bug eating our plugin. So we fixed the small bug that causes settings on the posts and pages to get changed to disabled status when the respective page/post status is changed to Draft or unpublished using the Overview screen. Now you can eat Biryani with a chicken or a bug based on your preferences 🍴.

Note: Once you’ve updated any plugin or theme, it’s crucial to clear all caches on your site (such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, etc.). This step ensures that your site loads the latest CSS and JavaScript files, minimizing the risk of bugs post-update. Clearing caches is key to avoiding outdated file-loading issues. Refer to your caching plugin’s documentation for detailed instructions on cache clearance.

Jose Varghese